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SkyWAY – (where available) - Innovative low-cost Hybrid solution (GSM/Satellite)

This is a one-way satellite internet Solution. This innovative low-cost solution will soon be available on AzerSpace 2 Ku Beams. It is a Rapid Deployment solution and exceptionally reliable. It is mostly meant for hard-to-reach locations with minimal GSM coverage and where there are regulatory issues with regards to VSATs. It allows customers to take advantage of the Telco’s uplink to enable internet access and offload high volume Broadband via satellite on a Receive Only 90cm antenna – E.g., Video Streaming Platforms like NETFLIX etc.

Recommended entry equipment: (can vary with regions and service requirements) Ku-Band: 90cm Antenna + LNB + Forsway Modem/dongle + Local SIM + cable + connectors